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Mr Filbert's Keto Selection [ 6 Snacks ] 25% OFF at Till

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Mr Filbert's Keto Selection is perfect if you are looking to explore new keto friendly snacks. A great range of nuts and olives for your low carb lifestyle!


Mr Filbert's nut snacks are hot air roasted, making them healthier than traditional oil fried snacks, while Mr Filbert's olive snacks are packed with flavour but without the stones, oil or mess!


Mr Filbert's Selection Boxes are bursting with unique and delicious snacks, selected with you in mind. Enjoy our fabulous snacks knowing we use 100% natural ingredients.


People love sharing and enjoying tasty food - This is why Mr Filbert's creates gourmet snacks, using only the finest and freshest ingredients, to ensure you're getting only what nature intended.

Contains 2 x 100g Flavours From Around The World, 2 x 40g Pocket Snacks, 2 x 65g Olives.

All items are subject to availability. Where an item is out of stock a like for like substitution will be made.

Welcome to the culinary world of Mr Filbert's

Welcome to the culinary world of Mr Filbert's

We discover really interesting flavours from around the world to give our multi-award-winning snacks an extra delicious twist.

From our adventurously flavoured Gourmet Nuts artfully roasted in Somerset to our worldly selection of Marinated Olives, Cured Meats and Crunchy Corn, we're always exploring in search of snacking perfection.