Welcome to the culinary world of Mr Filbert where we create award winning, really interesting snacks using only the finest quality ingredients. Our gourmet nut & seed recipes are hand crafted using a unique process which involves roasting them in their own natural oils for a healthier and tastier alternative, while our olive snacks are marinated in fresh natural ingredients following traditional Greek recipes, and our Iberian charcuterie includes air cured salami mini-batons. Filbert’s Fine Foods has been tempting the taste buds of fine food aficionados far and wide since 2010, winning over 40 taste and food industry awards along the way. Come on in and explore our world!

“For nuts, you won’t find better than Mr Filbert’s" – Tony Turnbull, the Times (2019)

Inspired by the fusion foods we’ve sampled in markets and bars around the world, we offer a range of hot air roasted nuts and seeds and delicious marinated olive snacks available from a range of discerning outlets across the UK and internationally. Based in the Westcountry, we use local suppliers, ensuring the very best quality and provenance of our ingredients, from local hand foraged wild garlic, regional sea salts, to locally produced honey, chillies and herbs. But we don’t stop there. Our gourmet nuts, seeds and olives are sourced from some of the finest growers around the world, with premium-grade Californian almonds, buttery cashews from India, protein-packed Argentinian peanuts and the finest olives from Greece. Many of our recipes are Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and free from artificial additives and preservatives, so you’re getting only what nature intended.